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Les distracteurs de couleurs


This exhibition brings together nine paintings created in 2020. In this recent work, I go back to working on regular canvases that I had put aside for a long time.

Monochromes and two-tone structures served as the first step for each work in this corpus. Already amazed by the result of these beginnings, by these flat colours, I wanted to make room for them and preferred the rareness of gestures to abundance.

Created in the immediacy without a specific plan other than a few parameters, these new images tend towards drawing. I have sometimes used my brush like a pencil to rub colour on the canvas. I also looked at how the paths settle on the surface, played with diagonals, and paid special attention to the delineation of shapes in space, their outlines.

The visual components respond to and compete with each other; they burst in all directions and are scattered over monochrome and two-tone surfaces. A tension sets in between the shapes which become both distractors and markers in the spatial organization of the works. Stimulated by the dynamics within the paintings, our attention is constantly diverted to other elements in presence. Through these back and forth, certain recurring visual components serve as markers in the perceptual experience of the works in the exhibition.

My painting practice is based on the intimate and the ephemeral, mobilizing intention, intuition,  attention and chance which affect each other, in turn directing the accomplishment of the work. My process is oriented towards action, free exploration and the constant search for new ways of working with painting.

Online exhibition extended!

From November 23 to December 23, 2020

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More works created in 2019-2020

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