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Nathalie Thibault was born in La Pocatière in 1975. She lives and works in Quebec City. Since receiving her MFA in visual arts from Université Laval in 2005 (Quebec), she has shown her solo work in Quebec and Ontario, notably at L'OEil de Poisson (Quebec), Galerie Simon Blais (Montreal), LE Gallery (Toronto ). In 2009, she was a semi-finalist of the RBC Canadian Painting Competition and of the 100 Painters of Tomorrow international competition in 2013. Thibault has exhibited in several group shows in Canada and United States including the Musée d’art contemporain of Montreal and the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery (Toronto). In September 2017,  she was included in Entangled: Two Views on Contemporary Canadian Painting at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Her works are held in private and institutional collections including the Caisses Desjardins Collection, Banque Scotia, The Loan of Works of Art collection from the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec.


2005 MFA in fine arts , Laval University, Quebec, Canada

2002 BFA in fine arts, Laval University, Quebec, Canada



2023 Tracé angulaires et formes cintrées, Galerie a, Quebec City, QC, Canada Online

2020 Les distracteurs de couleurs, Galerie a, Quebec City, QC, Canada

2018 Parades et Ripostes , Galerie a, Quebec City, QC, Canada

2018 Études pour coups fumants , Center Elgar, Verdun, Montreal, Canada

2013 L'emploi du temps , LE Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada

2011 Mes prétextes, Galerie Simon Blais, Montreal, Canada

2010 Détours, Allers-Retours, L'Usine C, Montreal, QC, Canada

2010 Série Noire , LE Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada

2005 Errances affectives, artist run center L'OEil de Poisson, Quebec City, QC, Canada




​To come 2023: Exhibition on Brutalism in architecture, curator: Peio Éliceiry, artist run center 

          l’OEil  de Poisson and VU Québec, QUebec City, QC, Canada

2018 Lancement de la Galerie a , Belgo Building, Montreal, QC, Canada

2017 Entangled: Two Views on Contemporary Canadian Painting , Vancouver Art Gallery,

          Vancouver, CB, Canada. Curators: Bruce Grenville and David MacWilliam (catalog)

2015 Inaugural exhibition , CG2 Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

2012 MERGE an annual exhibition of emerging artists, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Toronto

2009 L'Étincelle du Phénix, young Canadian painting , curator Robert Enright, Galerie Simon 

          Blais, Montreal, QC, Canada

2009 Exhibition of the finalists and semi-finalists at the National Painting Competition of the

          Royal Bank of Canada: Musée d'art Contemporain de Montréal, QC - TIAF, Toronto, ON

          Power Plant Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada

2008 Repérage , Loto Québec exhibition-sale, presented by Manifestation internationale d'art 

          de Québec, Galerie des arts visuels, Québec, Canada



2023-20-2012-2010 Art Toronto (Online)

2023 Plural (Online)

​2022 Foire en Art Actuel de Québec (FAAQ)

2021 Evenings 5 to 9 Lemoyne, Play art with Nathalie Thibault at MNBAQ 

          Design and animation of a cultural mediation project during Lemoyne’s Hors Jeu 

           exhibition (Online)

2023-20-2012-2010 Art Toronto (Online)

2023 Plural (Online)

2022-20-14 Paper Montreal




2022 until now, teacher guide at l’Atelier de la Mezzanine, Complexe Méduse, Québec (Online)

2004 à 2006, teacher at Centre d’art La Maison Jaune, Québec (Online)



2023 Member of the artistic committee of  Centre d’artistes en art actuel Regart, Québec


2022 Thesis evaluation jury , Université Laval, Québec

2022 Lecturer at CÉGEP Garneau



2013 Semi-finalist 100 Painters Of Tomorrow  (Online)

2009 Semi-finalist at the Royal Bank of Canada's National Painting Competition

2008 Recipient of a Loto-Québec scholarship as part of the Repérage exhibition

2006 Finalist in the “Relève” category of the Quebec City Arts and Culture Awards for the

          exhibition Murmures et cacophonies de la couleur

2002 Recipient of the Louis Garneau prize as part of the exhibition for graduates of the BA in 

         fine arts



2023 : Myriam Lelan,  l'Aérospatial show, CKRL 89,1 February 14th’s podcast, (Online)

              (19 m 48 sec).

2023 : Arts with Tifa Bourjouane, « Exposition de l'artiste contemporaine Nathalie 

             Thibault », émission C'est encore mieux l'après-midi (Online)

2023 : Josianne Desloges, « Rentrée arts visuel: L’art dehors et dedans », 14 janvier, Le

              Soleil (Online)

​2020 : Josianne Desloges, « Les espaces habitables de Virginie Mercure et Nathalie Thibault »,

              Le Soleil, (Online)

2018 :  Josianne Desloges, « Les chorégraphies au rouleau de Nathalie Thibault », Le Soleil


2018 :  James D. Campbell, « Nathalie Thibault Études pour coups fumants », Whitehot 

              magazine-Juin (Online)

2011 :  James D. Campbell, « Intimacy and Plenum in the Paintings of Nathalie Thibault » , Revue 

            ETC, édition 92-Février, p.64-65 (Online)

2010 : James D. Campbell, « The Phoenix Art», Frieze Magazine, édition 131 - Mai (Online)


2009 : Delgado, Jérôme, Étincelles et enterrement de la peinture. Le Devoir-18

              Décembre (Online)


2009 : The Phoenix Art: Viewing Painting’s Renewed Power. 17 

              Décembre (Online)


2005 : Michel Bois, Nathalie Thibault , Le Soleil 22 October (Online) 



2017 :Entangled: Two views on Contemporary Canadian Painting catalog by Bruce Grenville and

           David MacWilliam

2016: International Painting Annual Exhibition-In-Print Vol. 6 (INPA6)

            Manifest Creative Research Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA  (Online)

2015 : Aimia : Canadian art installation 2015

2011 :  11th RBC Canadian Painting Competition Catalogue


Gallery a, Quebec, Canada




The Prêt d'oeuvres d'art collection (CPOA) from the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, La Banque Scotia, The Desjardins collection, Action Culture and several private collections in Canada and United States.

Thanks for your interest!

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